Saké Restaurant & Bar Southern Bluefin Tuna Head To Tail dinner

Saké showcases the finest and most flavoursome winter Bluefin Tuna

Monday, 19 June 2023: Saké Restaurant & Bar is celebrating winter’s finest delicacy, Southern Bluefin Tuna, with a series of special dinners and limited-edition menu items.

Southern Bluefin Tuna fatten up in colder winter months when the extra-fatty belly, or toro, becomes most flavoursome. The limited amount of toro – which means ‘to melt’ – from each tuna, means it is highly-prized and sought after, giving Saké chefs the once-a-year opportunity to showcase sensational new dishes.

To make the most of this seasonal delicacy, Saké The Rocks and Saké Hamer Hall are hosting special Southern Bluefin Tuna Head to Tail dinners, where chefs will put on a display of their Maguro Kaitai mastery, or skill at breaking down a whole tuna. Each tuna, sustainably farmed in South Australia’s Spencer Gulf, will then be used – from head to tail – across a beautiful six-course dinner that pays homage to each magnificent fish.

Saké sources tuna that can weigh up to 30 kilograms each. Demand is so high for this winter delicacy that the busiest Saké restaurants use up to half a fish a day during the peak winter months.

Guests will enjoy delicious morsels that feature luxurious otoro, which is taken from the underbelly and is most rich in flavour but available in limited quantities, as well as the most abundant akami, or red tuna meat. Flavour-packed shreds of meat gleaned from around the bones, particularly the head, will also be incorporated into the menu, ensuring each fish is used to its utmost capacity.

The six-course dinners with matching wine or sake are $270 per person and will be held at Saké Hamer Hall on Wednesday 26th July, and Saké The Rocks on Wednesday 2nd August. Bookings can be made here.


Akami | Toro | Otoro | Tasmanian Fresh Wasabi

Carpaccio | Sesame Miso Dressing | Nashi Pear | Micro Herb

Tuna Maki | Rice Crisp | Asparagus | Shiso | Mustard Vinegar Miso

Akami Zuke Wasabi Stem| Toro Black Truffle | Otoro Caviar | Toro Smoked Daikon Maki

Soy Marinated Tuna | Wasabi Leaves | Shio Koji Pickled Daikon

Matcha Basque Cheesecake | Rhubarb

In addition, each Saké restaurant will showcase limited-edition Bluefin Tuna dishes from Monday 3rd July. All restaurants at The Rocks, Double Bay and Manly in Sydney and Hamer Hall in Melbourne, will offer Bluefin Tuna Warayaki, which features tuna gently seared over hay on the robata grill, coated in arare, or rice puffs, and served on a wasabi leaf, with fresh grated Tasmanian wasabi. Dishes specific to each restaurant include:

  • Saké The Rocks | Bluefin Tuna Carpaccio with Miso Ceviche Dressing and Nashi Pear.
  • Saké Double Bay | Bluefin Tuna Akami with Sweet Soy, Avocado Cream and Nori Tuille.
  • Saké Manly | Bluefin Tuna Toro No-Rice Maki with Daikon Pickle, Shiso and Chives.
  • Saké Hamer Hall | Bluefin Tuna Tacos with Shaved Truffle and Avocado Puree.

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