Message from Our CEO

Hunter St. Hospitality is Australia’s preeminent dining group. Our portfolio of first-class, internationally renowned premium restaurants and bars encompasses Rockpool Bar & Grill, Spice Temple, Rosetta Ristorante, and Saké Restaurant & Bar. 

Message from the CEO, Thomas Pash

Thomas Pash

Hunter St. Hospitality is locally grown and globally known. We have a diverse portfolio of premium restaurants and bars, each of which is one of the world’s best in its culinary class.  

At Rockpool we serve some of the world’s finest steaks from the country’s most spectacular dining rooms. Spice Temple broke the mold of Chinese restaurants in Australia when it launched, specialising in little-known, regional cuisines.

To this day it is in a culinary league of its own. Rosetta Ristorante is a powerhouse of Italian dining in Melbourne, digging deep into its traditional roots from one of the city’s most opulent dining spaces. Meanwhile, our much-loved Saké Restaurant & Bar adds its own unique riff to one of the world’s most revered cuisines – Japanese. 

It takes a strong community to create a world-class restaurant. For us, community includes our dear guests, valuable team members, talented producers, dependable suppliers, and other incredible partners. They have invested in us, as we have in them, and Hunter St. Hospitality is stronger for it. 

We have dear customers who remember the day our restaurants opened, who have celebrated their own momentous occasions with us, and who were the first back at our table when we reopened post-pandemic. They are on first name terms with our team members, who in turn know just how they like their steak cooked and the name of their favourite wine. New guests are taken into the fold with the same warmth – it is what we do. 

We are blessed to have a core team who have been with us for many years, oftentimes over a decade. Like our guests, many have been with us since our restaurants opened. Our four culinary custodians each have more than a decade of tenure with the group. Between them they have amassed over 50 years’ experience in our restaurants, leading the extraordinary culinary direction of each brand. We have sommeliers, front of house leaders, reservations specialists, beverage experts, marketing professionals and technology gurus who are veterans of our business. We fortunate to have such exceptional DNA – an incredible hereditary imprint from our founders, leaders and core team that underscores our unique identity, shapes our philosophy, and forever guides our functionality.  

We have farmers, fishers and other suppliers who have also been with us since Day One. In many cases, we helped get their businesses off the ground. We have supported them as much as we could through flood, drought, and global pandemic. They reward us with pristine, and often exclusive, produce and the right of first refusal. The ultimate beneficiaries are our beloved guests. 

The strong thread of community loyalty is the backbone of our incredible group. It is what makes us who we are. Thank you for being part of our growing community, and its incredible legacy.