Happiest of Hours at Saké

Enjoy the Happiest of Hours at Saké

Monday, 7 August 2023: Introducing Saké Hour, Saké Restaurant & Bar’s own unique spin on the happiest hour of the day, which launches across Sydney and Melbourne on Wednesday 9th August. 

Saké Hour combines the very best of Saké’s contemporary Japanese dining experiences – fabulous food, fantastic drinks, and sensational bar vibes – into an end-of-day affair that is value packed and enormous fun. Saké Hour is available exclusively at the bar in each location, at the following times: 

Saké The Rocks, Manly & Double Bay 
Monday-Friday, 4pm-6pm 

Saké Hamer Hall  
Tuesday-Sunday, 4pm-5pm 

The menu showcases Saké’s signature dishes in smaller and individual portions, enabling guests to sashay across the menu in a delightfully bite-sized way. Renowned for their hand-crafted, made-to-order nigiri, Saké chefs will curate a daily selection made from the day’s freshest seafood delivery. Select, signature drinks are hand-picked to for their Japanese origins and inspirations.


Edamame $5 
Shumai (4 pieces) $10 
Popcorn Shrimp $10  
Chicken Karaage $10 
        Nori Crisps (1 piece) $5  
Tacos (1 piece) $5 
Hiramasa Kingfish $10 
Oysters (1 piece) $5  
Nigiri – Chef’s Daily Selection  
Snapper, Tuna, Salmon, Scallop, Kingfish (1 piece) $5 
Miss Wednesday Cocktail $10 
Classic Cocktails (Negroni, Old Fashioned, Haku Martini) $12 
Asahi $7 
Glass of Prosecco $10 
Glass of wine $10 
Sake of the week (250ml) $20 
Toki Japanese Whisky Highball $7  
Roku Japanese Gin & Tonic $7 

Hunter St. Hospitality Director of Food & Beverage, Oliver Atkins, describes Saké Hour as a quintessential Saké experience that caters to the current appetite for price-friendly dining options. 

“We have created a value-packed, after-work menu of light dishes, snacks and signature drinks that can combine into a substantial meal, or be enjoyed as a precursor to dinner in our adjacent restaurants.” 

“As we don’t take bookings in the bar, it’s a more casual experience which we believe our current customers will love, while enticing new guests to enjoy a taste of Saké.” 

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