Sake Chirashi Sushi Bowls

Beautiful Chirashi Sushi Bowls Debut at Saké

Wednesday, 23 August 2023: Saké Restaurant & Bar has further elevated the sushi experience at its Double Bay restaurant, launching a bespoke Chirashi Sushi bowl that is served in a value-packed set menu format. 

Designed by the masterful Saké Brand Chef Shimpei Hatanaka – a second-generation Sushi Chef born in Japan – each generous, individual serve of the classic “scattered” style of sushi is beautifully presented in a gorgeous bowl, with chopsticks and a small wooden spoon. 

A bed of warm, seasoned sushi rice is topped with an artistic arrangement of 13 delicately sliced seafood items, which will vary depending on the delivery of the day. Kingfish, Tuna Akami, Tuna Toro, Salmon Belly, Sea Eel, Cuttlefish, Garfish, Scallop, Alfonsino, Sweet Shrimp, Bonito, King George Whiting, Salmon Roe, Flathead, Trevally, John Dory, Swordfish Belly, Sand Whiting are amongst the fresh seafood expected to feature. 

Each delicious morsel is garnished with jewels of finger lime, caviar or yuzu, ensuring each exquisite mouthful is a spectacular marriage of Japanese flavours.  

Guests take a portion of rice and a sashimi topping, with chopsticks or spoon, savouring their own DIY nigiri degustation as they meander their way through their luxury sushi bowl.   

Each premium Chirashi bowl is accompanied with fresh-grated Tasmanian wasabi and pickled ginger, house-made miso soup, a portion of Chawanmushi – which is a sensational Japanese savoury egg custard, and deliciously light Seafood Tempura, creating an all-encompassing and affordable sushi set meal experience for $69 per person. 

Chef Hatanaka said the one-bowl sushi approach is a fun way to experience high-grade sashimi, with every mouthful delivering a different, but equally delicious, pairing of seafood and Japanese garnish. 

“Chirashi means ‘scattered’ and you can certainly scatter and mix toppings and rice together, but there is something very mindful about savouring each individual topping and the flavour burst of garnish it is paired with as you work your way around this beautiful sushi bowl.” 

Hunter St. Hospitality Food & Beverage Director Oliver Atkins added: “Our Chirashi bowls display the quintessential culinary artistry of Japanese cuisine, with a focus on flavour, presentation, generosity of portion size, and affordability.” 

Chirashi Sushi is available at Saké Double Bay for lunch and dinner, daily. Chirashi boxes, plus miso soup, are also available via Saké Double Bay’s pick-up and delivery channels. 

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