Our Culinary Director

A Message From Culinary Director,
Corey Costelloe 

At Hunter St. Hospitality we are committed to a common goal: being phenomenal at what we do. To achieve this, we must employ individuals who are phenomenal at what they do. Skilled artisans, dedicated professionals, masters of their trade who can turn an everyday experience into a bespoke experience – something that cannot be experienced beyond our restaurant doors. 

Few people know that we have an in-house butcher at each of our Rockpool Bar & Grill restaurants. They take carcasses of sustainable, responsibly raised meat, break them down, carve individual steaks, ribs, and other cuts and manage the careful dry aging of this amazing produce. 

At Rosetta Ristorante, our fresh pasta is in the skilled hands of our in-house sflogina – the name given to someone who specialises in making pasta of all shapes and sizes by hand. She is legendary at what she does, which contributes to the restaurant’s outstanding reputation. 

Spice Temple is a destination for talented dumpling masters who hand-make intricate parcels stuffed with delicious fillings. They work alongside chefs who have enviable wok tossing skills and incredible palates that understand the nuances of a plethora of spices and how to balance and bring out the best in other ingredients. 

Saké is home to a talented crew of Japanese chefs and sushi masters. They have intricate knife skills and understand ancient cultural and culinary traditions, which they translate into a modern fusion of flavours for what has become a Saké’s cult-like following. 

We have Sommeliers from across Europe who bring their knowledge of old-world wines into new-world wine territory. We have Restaurant Managers and Bar Managers who have travelled to Australia for the opportunity to work with us. 

We have front of house professionals who have dedicated their careers to hospitality, and oftentimes to our business. We also have a contingent of up-and-coming front of house and back of house professionals who are keen to train under leaders who are the best at what they do. 

For many of us, it is in our blood. We come from families of farmers, producers, providores, chefs, restauranteurs, wine makers and hospitality professionals. So, our diners are in good hands.  

Thank you for dining with us. We know you could dine anywhere. That you choose to dine with us, is a privilege. We endeavour to serve you well. We hope to see you again soon.